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 You can check series of measures which have been reviewed by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport to make fencing possible here.

When are we expected to return? 

Step 3: no earlier than 17th May

The published plan states:

  • Organised adult indoor sport and exercise classes

We expect

  • Indoor fencing can resume for adult groups.

  • Sport specific guidance will still be in place to reduce the risk of transmission.

What do fencing specific adaptions include? 

  • Protocols around equipment usage – no sharing of personal equipment, minimising other equipment sharing and disinfecting protocols. (Specific cleaning info here)

  • Equipment adaptations – eg use of fencing mask liners in situations where face coverings under fencing masks are not appropriate.

  • Rule changes – no handshaking or any other type of body contact, certain types of moves no longer permitted to ensure that 2m social distancing is maintained where at all possible: Fleching/running attacks, corps a corps, deliberate close quarter actions and any actions that breach the 1m distancing are not permitted.

  • Group sizes restricted to 15. Fencing activities delivered to students in higher education institutions covered by the 2nd October government exemption these can now take place in groups of up to 15. To read more read on BF website.

  • Restrictions around the length of activity to reduce the total time two people can spend together ‘on piste’ . For example, adapted sparring between two individuals in a group can take place but is limited to 1 x 15 hits or 3 x 5 hits, up to a maximum of 10mins of fencing time and 15mins of elapsed time. 

  • More details  can be found on the BF website

Where can I read latest news about COVID-19? 

You can read all the newest posts related to COVID-19 in BF website.​

For more information visit British Fencing website