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Our exec are all current students of the University of Warwick and are elected annually by the members as per our constitution, which can be found here.


Anne Kaknena



Hi! This is my third year as an exec member, and I am very excited to be this year’s President. I've been fencing for as long as I have been in this university, and I certainly prefer sabre from all the weapons. However, the fencing club is more than just a sports club for me - it's like home away from home. Other than an enthusiastic fencing club member, I am also a fourth year MMORSE student. If you have any questions or just want to speak to someone, I'm more than happy to help! My goal is to make sure that everyone feels welcome and included this year and all the years after!


Sophie Rayment

Vice-President, Social Secretary


Hiya, I’m Sophie, a secondyear English and Theatre student here at Warwick. I’ve been fencing sabre for over 11 years; competing on the national and international circuit. I’m so excited to be on the Warwick Fencing Exec again, this time as Vice-President and Social Secretary. I can't wait to organise and run some great socials with Francis and manage communication with  our lovely members.


Evan Little

Treasurer, Novice Representative


Hi! I’m Evan, a 3rd Year Maths Student, returning treasurer from last year. I’ve greatly enjoyed being a part of and helping run the club during my time so far on the exec, and want to see the club thrive in years to come. I’m passionate about allowing as many people as possible the opportunity to enjoy fencing as much as I do. I started with foil about 8 years ago, but have recently taken up sabre and epee whilst at the club – and enjoyed all three! I’m also a qualified coach, and look forward to working with our fencers throughout the year.


Ellie Parmar

Women's 1st Team Captain


Hi! I’m Ellie, a final year Classics undergrad. I’m an epeeist, and I’ve been fencing for about 11 years, during which I’ve competed internationally for the country. This year I’m looking forward to getting people involved in some BUCs matches, and my goal is for people to be excited about fencing in the team, whether they’re beginners or experienced fencers.

Image by Simone Secci

Louis Gosling

Men's 1st Team Captain



Selina Chan

Welfare and Diversity and Outreach Officer


Hi I'm Selina, I'm a second year PhD student studying Life Sciences. I started fencing this academic year and enjoy sabre the most. As the Welfare and DAO Officer my goal this year is to make sure the club continues to be a welcoming and inclusive environment for all members.


Francis Butterworth

Social Secretary


I am a second year engineering student. I've been fencing for about 5 years in foil. I've always loved fencing and I hope that I can bring that enthusiasm to my role as social sec. I hope to continue the fun and safe environment already permeates the fencing community at Warwick


Casper Hawkins

Competitions' Officer


Hello, I'm Casper, and I am a Theatre and Performance student who has been fencing (primarily foil) for over 8 years. I love the competitive aspect of fencing and am hoping to create a fun environment for everyone as we travel to competitions across the country. I enjoy being a member of this club and am looking forward to helping as part of the exec for this year.


John Wilson



Hey there! I'm John, a degree apprentice studying software engineering. Going into the final year of my second 4-year degree at Warwick, this is my 6th year on the club's exec and a return to my first role as armourer. I've been fencing sabre for 15 years, and since joining this club I've slowly branched out to learn armoury, become a British Fencing University Fencing Officer, a coach (ITCF & L2 sabre), and a referee (also L2 sabre). I've been fortunate enough to see this club go from strength to strength over the years, and I'm looking forward to finishing my time here on a high.


Louis Tassin de Nonneville

Equipment Officer


Hi! I’m Louis, a first year Finance student. I joined the club last year, but this will be my first as an exec. I’ve been fencing for 12 years now and I’m an epeeist to the core. I hope to help support the club by managing its equipment so that we can welcome as many novices as possible to our sport!

All of us here on the exec of Warwick University Fencing Club are happy to answer any questions you may have about the club, for example regarding equipment, training or our BUCS teams.

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