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Men's Foil

Capacity 45

Single round of Poules & DE

Check-In Close 8:45


Women's Foil

Capacity 25

Single Round of Poules & DE

Check-In Close 8:45



Capacity 36

Mixed Poules, Separated Men's & Women's DE

Check-In Close 12:00



Capacity 36

Mixed Poules, Separated Men's & Women's DE

Check-In Close 12:00





The Warwick National Novice Competition is a delightful way to get competition experience as a novice fencer. Come and compete in a fun, friendly and relaxed environment supported by those around you. Running for nearly 40 years, and attracting dozens of universities to compete, the competition is an established and integral part of developing novices into competing fencers.

Check this page regularly to keep up to date with any updates! All the essential competition info can be found at the end. Email to get in touch.


Equipment Requirements

We require all fencers to wear:

  • 800N Plastron

  • 350N Jacket

  • 350N Mask (With Regulation double-securing back)

  • 350N Glove (800N for Sabre)

  • 350N Breeches

  • Long Socks

Foil Fencers are not required to wear a foil mask until the later stages of the competition.

We are unable to loan equipment for the competition. Please bring everything you need with you, and ensure that it is in good working order.


There will be no armoury provision on the day, so please make sure all your (or your club's) equipment is is good working order as as to not cause delays.


To be eligible to compete, fencers must:

  • Be currently studying at university

  • Have up to 2 full year's fencing experience in any weapon

Fencers who do not meet these criterion will not be allowed to compete, and will not have their entry fee refunded. We will be unable to refund entries within 2 weeks of the competition.

Please be mindful that the competition is aimed at novice fencers. Clubs should assess the eligibility of their own fencers accordingly, following the above guidance.

Fencers may not enter both the Sabre and Epee events, though they can  (and are encouraged to!) enter either the Foil & Sabre or Foil & Epee.


The competition will take place at the St Nicholas Park Leisure Centre. Full Address:

St Nicholas Park Leisure Centre

Banbury Road


CV34 4QY

The closest car park is a few minutes walk away, the general car park for the public park within which the venue is situated. Search 'St Nicholas Car Park' in most map services.

Upon arrival at the entrance, follow the competition signage and club volunteers to the sports hall.


We ask that any club bringing more than  3 fencers bring a suitable referee.

Sabre and Foil and Epee Referees will be required and greatly appreciated

Food and Drink

Remember to bring plenty to drink! It will be a long day of fencing, so come prepared. There are water fountains around the venue, but please bring your own bottle.

There is a small café a few minutes walk away in the public park in which the venue is situated, and vending machines in the venue itself.

There will not be a dedicated break for lunch, however there will naturally be periods of overlap and downtime between rounds.

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